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Road Trip

84,6 km (estimated 1 сат 33 мин)
  • 1.Крените на југ према Marka Miljanova0,1 km43.358091,19.350131
  • 2.Скрените десно ка Marka Miljanova41 м43.357134,19.350533
  • 3.Скрените лево ка Volođina
    Прођите поред Auto Servis Sapko (с леве стране)
    0,4 km43.357268,19.350062
  • 4.Скрените десно код OO Crveni Krst Pljevlja на Borisa Kidriča0,1 km43.35494,19.354186
  • 5.Укључите се на Narodne Revolucije
    Прођите поред Gurman (на десној страни)
    0,6 km43.353891,19.3531
  • 6.Наставите на M80,8 km43.349624,19.348894
  • 7.Држите лево да бисте наставили путем P4
    Прођите поред Rodi Godino (на десној страни за 24,6 km)
    35,4 km43.348216,19.339652
  • 8.Скрените лево код Parking да бисте остали на P4
    Прођите поред Groblje Polja (с леве стране за 42,3 km)
    45,9 km43.148581,19.292161
  • 9.Оштро улево на Рута 2
    Наставите да пратите E65
    Прођите поред бензинске пумпе (с десне стране)
    0,5 km42.955518,19.576049
  • 10.Скрените десно ка Mališe Damjanovića0,3 km42.959747,19.578133
  • 11.Скрените десно ка Vojislava Šćepanovića0,2 km42.960492,19.581853
  • 12.Скрените десно41 м42.960217,19.584179
  • 13.Скрените десно
    Одредиште је с десне стране
    18 м42.959987,19.58379
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Driving distance to Мојковац, Црна Гора from Пљевља, Црна Гора 84,6 km, estimated 1 сат 33 мин. Road map

Highway route generated between Пљевља, Црна Гора and Мојковац, Црна Гора.

The distance between these two cities is 84,6 km, estimated 1 сат 33 мин.

Under the road map we have generated, you will see the safety cameras that you'll encounter on your journey, we must note that although we update our database daily, it is possible that a radar is installed speed control close Мојковац, Црна Гора not yet show.

On the right you can see the path step by step from Пљевља, Црна Гора to Мојковац, Црна Гора, also show you pictures of your trip.

If for any reason you see that something is wrong or that you can improve or just want to comment on this trip, you can do so at the bottom of this page.

Road map between Пљевља, Црна Гора and Мојковац, Црна Гора

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Towns between Пљевља, Црна Гора and Мојковац, Црна Гора (less than 20 mi)

Lake Warren (Illinois) 1.437,84 mi from point 1
Altitude: 0

Westfield (Maine) 4.025,45 mi from point 2
Population: 1.428 Altitude: 475

Blaine (Maine) 4.025,43 mi from point 3
Population: 1.428 Altitude: 528

Bridgewater (Maine) 4.025,69 mi from point 4
Population: 1.428 Altitude: 428

Easton (Maine) 4.025,69 mi from point 5
Population: 9.511 Altitude: 577

Fort Fairfield (Maine) 4.025,69 mi from point 6
Population: 1.600 Altitude: 380

Hodgdon (Maine) 4.025,36 mi from point 7
Population: 5.270 Altitude: 430

Houlton (Maine) 4.031,42 mi from point 8
Population: 5.270 Altitude: 366

Limestone (Maine) 4.050,83 mi from point 9
Population: 1.453 Altitude: 521

Linneus (Maine) 4.050,75 mi from point 10
Population: 5.270 Altitude: 645

Littleton (Maine) 4.050,87 mi from point 11
Population: 5.270 Altitude: 466

Loring (Maine) 4.050,98 mi from point 12
Population: 7.829 Altitude: 746

Mars Hill (Maine) 4.050,97 mi from point 13
Population: 1.428 Altitude: 435

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Road map from Пљевља, Црна Гора to Мојковац, Црна Гора

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