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Road Trip

AL-95 S
740 mi (estimated 12 hours 17 mins)
  • 1.Head south on AL-95 S toward Co Rd 46/Henry County 462.2 mi31.59973,-85.23633
  • 2.Turn right onto AL-10 W/E Washington St
    Continue to follow AL-10 W
    26.1 mi31.5715,-85.24786
  • 3.Continue straight onto AL-10 W/Co Rd 3/State Route 10
    Continue to follow AL-10 W/State Route 10
    11.6 mi31.71514,-85.64348
  • 4.Turn right onto AL-10 W/AL-53 N/US-231 N
    Continue to follow AL-53 N/US-231 N
    52.6 mi31.72032,-85.83037
  • 5.Turn left onto E South Blvd5.5 mi32.32723,-86.24116
  • 6.Turn left to merge onto I-65 S/US-80 W toward Mobile0.9 mi32.32744,-86.33531
  • 7.Take exit 167 to merge onto AL-8 W/US-80 W/Selma Hwy toward Selma
    Continue to follow AL-8 W/US-80 W
    41.8 mi32.31397,-86.33696
  • 8.Slight right onto AL-41 N/US-80 W4.8 mi32.36966,-87.00436
  • 9.Turn left onto US-80 W/E Highland Ave
    Continue to follow US-80 W
    82.2 mi32.43148,-87.00963
  • 10.Continue onto AL-8 W2.0 mi32.4428,-88.36237
  • 11.Turn left to merge onto I-20 W/I-59 S
    Entering Mississippi
    24.1 mi32.45395,-88.39332
  • 12.Slight right onto I-20 W (signs for Jackson)
    Passing through Louisiana
    Entering Texas
    400 mi32.34466,-88.7669
  • 13.Take exit 556 for US-69 toward Lindale/Tyler0.2 mi32.4685,-95.38415
  • 14.Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Mineola and merge onto US-69 N/S Main St/Mineola Hwy
    Continue to follow US-69 N
    16.1 mi32.46893,-95.38743
  • 15.Continue onto TX-37 N/N Pacific St
    Continue to follow TX-37 N
    8.8 mi32.67394,-95.48505
  • 16.Turn left onto TX-154 W/Bermuda St
    Continue to follow TX-154 W
    24.9 mi32.79538,-95.45168
  • 17.Turn left onto TX-11 W2.5 mi33.1087,-95.59687
  • 18.Turn right onto TX-11 W/TX-192.2 mi33.11142,-95.6385
  • 19.Turn left onto TX-11 W/Houston St
    Continue to follow TX-11 W
    16.5 mi33.14153,-95.62935
  • 20.Continue onto Maple St1.0 mi33.23538,-95.88385
  • 21.Turn right onto Park St1.2 mi33.24231,-95.89828
  • 22.Slight right onto TX-224 E1.1 mi33.25949,-95.8985
  • 23.Continue onto TX-50 N10.9 mi33.27471,-95.89553
  • 24.Turn left onto E Main St0.5 mi33.42488,-95.93774
  • 25.Turn right onto N Church St
    Destination will be on the right
    0.2 mi33.42507,-95.94613
N Church St/Stevens St
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Driving distance to Ladonia Texas from Abbeville Municipal A/p Alabama 740 mi, estimated 12 hours 17 mins. Road map

Highway route generated between Abbeville Municipal A/p Alabama and Ladonia Texas.

The distance between these two cities is 740 mi, estimated 12 hours 17 mins.

Under the road map we have generated, you will see the safety cameras that you'll encounter on your journey, we must note that although we update our database daily, it is possible that a radar is installed speed control close Ladonia Texas not yet show.

On the right you can see the path step by step from Abbeville Municipal A/p Alabama to Ladonia Texas, also show you pictures of your trip.

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Road map between Abbeville Municipal A/p Alabama and Ladonia Texas

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Towns between Abbeville Municipal A/p Alabama and Ladonia Texas (less than 20 mi)

Midway (Alabama) 30,94 mi from point 1
Population: 457 Altitude: 542

Union Springs (Alabama) 32,99 mi from point 2
Population: 3.670 Altitude: 528

Benton (Alabama) 28,72 mi from point 3
Population: 47 Altitude: 137

Hayneville (Alabama) 21,74 mi from point 4
Population: 1.177 Altitude: 230

Lowndesboro (Alabama) 26,65 mi from point 5
Population: 140 Altitude: 416

Mosses (Alabama) 29,94 mi from point 6
Population: 1.101 Altitude: 0

White Hall (Alabama) 29,31 mi from point 7
Population: 1.014 Altitude: 181

Consul (Alabama) 25,54 mi from point 8
Population: 383 Altitude: 240

Dayton (Alabama) 29,82 mi from point 9
Population: 60 Altitude: 249

Enterprise (Mississippi) 37,21 mi from point 10
Population: 474 Altitude: 389

Pachuta (Mississippi) 38,89 mi from point 11
Population: 245 Altitude: 300

Polkville (Mississippi) 27,44 mi from point 12
Population: 132 Altitude: 510

Lone Oak (Texas) 39,39 mi from point 13
Population: 521 Altitude: 0

Alba (Texas) 39,53 mi from point 14
Population: 430 Altitude: 0

Bogata (Texas) 36,06 mi from point 15
Population: 1.396 Altitude: 0

Clarksville (Texas) 29,77 mi from point 16
Population: 3.883 Altitude: 0

Bells (Texas) 24,52 mi from point 17
Population: 1.190 Altitude: 0

Collinsville (Texas) 22,30 mi from point 18
Population: 1.235 Altitude: 0

Denison (Texas) 23,58 mi from point 19
Population: 22.773 Altitude: 0

Dorchester (Texas) 17,60 mi from point 20
Population: 109 Altitude: 0

Gunter (Texas) 17,75 mi from point 21
Population: 1.230 Altitude: 0

Howe (Texas) 18,87 mi from point 22
Population: 2.478 Altitude: 0

Knollwood (Texas) 19,92 mi from point 23
Population: 375 Altitude: 0

Luella (Texas) 29,57 mi from point 24
Population: 581 Altitude: 0

Pottsboro (Texas) 29,53 mi from point 25
Population: 1.177 Altitude: 0

What can you see by the way?

US Post Office
US Post Office, by wmr36104

Abbeville Home
Abbeville Home, by wmr36104

Wood County Courthouse
Wood County Courthouse, by Vidar Steinsbo

Wood County Court House
Wood County Court House, by deyijiao

Wood County Courthouse At Quitman, Tx.
Wood County Courthouse At Quitman, Tx., by Xonid

1894 Queen Anne, Ladonia, TX
1894 Queen Anne, Ladonia, TX, by Bert V

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Road map from abbeville municipal a/p alabama to ladonia texas

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