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Road Trip

Old School Rd
984 mi (estimated 16 hours 26 mins)
  • 1.Head northwest on Old School Rd toward Harmony Church Rd0.2 mi33.04719,-85.17974
  • 2.Take the 1st left onto Harmony Church Rd0.3 mi33.04899,-85.18205
  • 3.Slight left to stay on Harmony Church Rd0.1 mi33.04525,-85.18209
  • 4.Continue onto Rock Mills Rd0.2 mi33.04362,-85.18316
  • 5.Turn left onto GA-109 E/Roanoke Rd7.2 mi33.04156,-85.18431
  • 6.Turn left onto Vernon Rd Exd0.9 mi33.03205,-85.06803
  • 7.Continue onto Vernon St1.3 mi33.03559,-85.05296
  • 8.Continue onto GA-109 E/Lafayette Pkwy
    Continue to follow GA-109 E
    3.7 mi33.03872,-85.0312
  • 9.Merge onto I-85 N via the ramp to I-18559.4 mi33.04169,-84.96872
  • 10.Merge onto I-75 N7.4 mi33.69414,-84.40395
  • 11.Slight left onto I-85 N
    Entering South Carolina
    163 mi33.78965,-84.39082
  • 12.Slight right onto I-85 BUS N (signs for Interstate 85 Business/Spartanburg/Freeway Loop)8.2 mi34.96347,-82.03848
  • 13.Merge onto I-85 N
    Entering North Carolina
    59.0 mi35.01133,-81.9107
  • 14.Take exit 30 toward I-485 S/I-77 S/Pineville0.4 mi35.25226,-80.97725
  • 15.Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Interstate 485 Inner N and merge onto Interstate 485 Inner11.7 mi35.24843,-80.97204
  • 16.Take exit 23B to merge onto I-77 N toward Statesville
    Entering Virginia
    119 mi35.36186,-80.85262
  • 17.Take exit 32 to merge onto I-81 N/US-11 N toward Roanoke
    Continue to follow I-81 N
    Passing through West Virginia, Maryland
    Entering Pennsylvania
    369 mi36.94409,-80.91856
  • 18.Continue onto I-78 E (signs for Interstate 78 E/Allentown)
    Entering New Jersey
    107 mi40.42503,-76.52279
  • 19.Take exit 29 for I-287 toward US-202/US-206/I-80/Morristown/Somervile0.6 mi40.64361,-74.66057
  • 20.Keep left at the fork and merge onto I-287 N
    Entering New York
    46.8 mi40.6419,-74.65022
  • 21.Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-87 N/NY-17 N/Albany and merge onto I-87 N/NY-17 N
    Continue to follow I-87 N
    Toll road
    14.9 mi41.11398,-74.16173
  • 22.Take exit 16 to merge onto NY-17 W toward US-6/Harriman
    Toll road
    1.0 mi41.30659,-74.1286
  • 23.Take the exit toward NY-32 N
    Toll road
    0.2 mi41.31466,-74.12963
  • 24.Keep left at the fork, follow signs for US-6 E/Bear Mtn/W Pt/NY-17 S/Harriman
    Toll road
    377 ft41.31646,-74.13097
  • 25.Turn right onto NY-32 N2.4 mi41.31723,-74.13187
NY-32 N
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Driving distance to Highland Mills New York from Abbottsford Georgia 984 mi, estimated 16 hours 26 mins. Road map

Highway route generated between Abbottsford Georgia and Highland Mills New York.

The distance between these two cities is 984 mi, estimated 16 hours 26 mins.

Under the road map we have generated, you will see the safety cameras that you'll encounter on your journey, we must note that although we update our database daily, it is possible that a radar is installed speed control close Highland Mills New York not yet show.

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Road map between Abbottsford Georgia and Highland Mills New York

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Towns between Abbottsford Georgia and Highland Mills New York (less than 20 mi)

Daviston (Alabama) 10,91 mi from point 1
Population: 267 Altitude: 767

Goldville (Alabama) 11,08 mi from point 2
Population: 37 Altitude: 1018

New Site (Alabama) 11,00 mi from point 3
Population: 848 Altitude: 883

Five Points (Alabama) 11,03 mi from point 4
Population: 146 Altitude: 500

Ashland (Alabama) 11,06 mi from point 5
Population: 1.965 Altitude: 1130

Lineville (Alabama) 4,52 mi from point 6
Population: 2.401 Altitude: 1057

Roanoke (Alabama) 3,93 mi from point 7
Population: 6.563 Altitude: 880

Wadley (Alabama) 3,23 mi from point 8
Population: 640 Altitude: 690

Wedowee (Alabama) 3,40 mi from point 9
Population: 818 Altitude: 880

Culberson (North Carolina) 31,37 mi from point 10
Population: 153 Altitude: 1612

Burnt Hickory Ridge (Georgia) 26,71 mi from point 11
Altitude: 986

Round Mountain (Tennesse) 3,33 mi from point 12
Population: 478 Altitude: 0

Caesars Head (South Carolina) 5,11 mi from point 13
Population: 2.228 Altitude: 3064

Blacksburg (South Carolina) 17,48 mi from point 14
Population: 1.880 Altitude: 768

Boiling Springs Sc (South Carolina) 17,24 mi from point 15
Population: 4.544 Altitude: 950

Chesnee (South Carolina) 26,35 mi from point 16
Population: 1.003 Altitude: 913

Dye (Virginia) 5,93 mi from point 17
Population: 2.593 Altitude: 2000

Dillsburg (Pennsylvania) 38,68 mi from point 18
Population: 2.063 Altitude: 0

East Branch (New York) 30,35 mi from point 19
Population: 1.189 Altitude: 0

Fishs Eddy (New York) 30,77 mi from point 20
Population: 1.189 Altitude: 0

Balmville (New York) 11,53 mi from point 21
Population: 3.339 Altitude: 0

Central Valley (New York) 22,21 mi from point 22
Population: 1.857 Altitude: 0

Chester (New York) 22,76 mi from point 23
Population: 3.445 Altitude: 460

Cornwall On Hudson (New York) 22,90 mi from point 24
Population: 3.058 Altitude: 160

Firthcliffe (New York) 22,97 mi from point 25
Population: 4.970 Altitude: 280

What can you see by the way?

LaFayette, by Boz Killebrew

LaFayette Square, LaGrange GA
LaFayette Square, LaGrange GA, by fmarshall

ATL speedway 75   85
ATL speedway 75 85, by MChmielewska

Welcome To New York, Thruway 2-17-2009
Welcome To New York, Thruway 2-17-2009, by KyleAndMelissa22

New York State Line
New York State Line, by jeremywagg

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Road map from abbottsford georgia to highland mills new york

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