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Road Trip

W Fleet St
462 mi (estimated 7 hours 26 mins)
  • 1.Head west on W Fleet St toward Clinton Alley157 ft39.88454,-76.98972
  • 2.Take the 1st right onto Clinton Alley226 ft39.8844,-76.99025
  • 3.Take the 1st left onto U.S. 30 W/W King St/Lincoln Way E
    Continue to follow U.S. 30 W/Lincoln Way E
    3.7 mi39.88498,-76.99052
  • 4.At the traffic circle, continue straight onto U.S. 30 W/Lincoln Way W7.7 mi39.86406,-77.0555
  • 5.Merge onto US-15 S via the ramp to Frederick
    Entering Maryland
    37.5 mi39.84604,-77.19628
  • 6.Continue onto I-270 S30.8 mi39.40793,-77.43559
  • 7.Slight right onto I-270 Spur S (signs for Interstate 495 S/North Virginia/Washington)2.0 mi39.03519,-77.14434
  • 8.Merge onto I-495 S
    Entering Virginia
    17.3 mi39.00877,-77.15227
  • 9.Take exit 57A toward Interstate 95 S/Richmond/Virginia 6440.6 mi38.79644,-77.19159
  • 10.Take exit 169A on the left toward VA-644/Franconia Rd/Franconia0.3 mi38.79277,-77.18178
  • 11.Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-95 S/Richmond and merge onto Interstate 395 Connector S/Interstate 95 Connector S0.6 mi38.79063,-77.17804
  • 12.Merge onto I-95 S84.2 mi38.78202,-77.17986
  • 13.Take exit 84A on the left to merge onto I-295 S toward Rocky Mt NC/Richmond International43.3 mi37.67017,-77.44834
  • 14.Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Emporia/Rocky Mount North Carolina/Interstate 295/Interstate 95 and merge onto I-95 S
    Entering North Carolina
    139 mi37.16653,-77.34617
  • 15.Take exit 90 for US-301/US-701 toward N Carolina 96/Bentonville/Civil War Battleground/Newton Grove0.2 mi35.45716,-78.38985
  • 16.Merge onto US-301 N148 ft35.45864,-78.39028
  • 17.Sharp right onto N Carolina 96 S/US-701 S
    Continue to follow US-701 S
    15.0 mi35.45898,-78.39002
  • 18.At the traffic circle, continue straight onto US-701 S/Clinton St
    Continue to follow US-701 S
    14.5 mi35.24573,-78.35468
  • 19.Slight right to stay on US-701 S6.0 mi35.04199,-78.32753
  • 20.Continue onto US-421 S/Faircloth Fwy
    Continue to follow US-421 S
    35.0 mi34.96745,-78.30754
  • 21.Turn right onto N Carolina 11 S/N Carolina 53 W10.2 mi34.53426,-78.0714
  • 22.Turn left onto N Carolina 11 S8.2 mi34.47359,-78.2026
  • 23.Turn left onto N Carolina 87 S/Old Stage
    Continue to follow N Carolina 87 S
    5.4 mi34.37629,-78.27736
  • 24.Turn right onto State Rd 18210.3 mi34.32083,-78.21398
  • 25.Turn right onto State Rd 18920.3 mi34.31767,-78.21727
  • 26.Turn left toward Carroll St407 ft34.32102,-78.21764
  • 27.Take the 1st left onto Carroll St
    Destination will be on the right
    0.1 mi34.32152,-78.21885
Carroll St
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Driving distance to Delco North Carolina from Abbottstown Pennsylvania 462 mi, estimated 7 hours 26 mins. Road map

Highway route generated between Abbottstown Pennsylvania and Delco North Carolina.

The distance between these two cities is 462 mi, estimated 7 hours 26 mins.

Under the road map we have generated, you will see the safety cameras that you'll encounter on your journey, we must note that although we update our database daily, it is possible that a radar is installed speed control close Delco North Carolina not yet show.

On the right you can see the path step by step from Abbottstown Pennsylvania to Delco North Carolina, also show you pictures of your trip.

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Road map between Abbottstown Pennsylvania and Delco North Carolina

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Towns between Abbottstown Pennsylvania and Delco North Carolina (less than 20 mi)

Dillsburg (Pennsylvania) 8,00 mi from point 1
Population: 2.063 Altitude: 0

Franklintown (Pennsylvania) 8,00 mi from point 2
Population: 532 Altitude: 0

Amberson Valley (Pennsylvania) 7,96 mi from point 3
Population: 231 Altitude: 0

Doylesburg (Pennsylvania) 9,84 mi from point 4
Population: 372 Altitude: 0

Fannettsburg (Pennsylvania) 14,88 mi from point 5
Population: 97 Altitude: 0

Harpers Ferry (West Virginia) 36,58 mi from point 6
Population: 307 Altitude: 484

Berryville (Virginia) 8,12 mi from point 7
Population: 2.963 Altitude: 575

Gaylord (Virginia) 8,20 mi from point 8
Altitude: 530

Ashburn (Virginia) 17,43 mi from point 9
Population: 3.393 Altitude: 300

Belmont (Virginia) 17,34 mi from point 10
Population: 3.393 Altitude: 295

Bluemont (Virginia) 17,35 mi from point 11
Population: 500 Altitude: 730

Countryside (Virginia) 17,90 mi from point 12
Population: 8.349 Altitude: 300

Chance (Virginia) 33,43 mi from point 13
Population: 315 Altitude: 70

Barham (Virginia) 22,28 mi from point 14
Population: 2.309 Altitude: 126

Calypso (North Carolina) 38,49 mi from point 15
Population: 410 Altitude: 167

Faison (North Carolina) 38,59 mi from point 16
Population: 744 Altitude: 166

Bonnie Doone (North Carolina) 38,60 mi from point 17
Population: 3.893 Altitude: 320

Eastover (North Carolina) 26,27 mi from point 18
Population: 1.376 Altitude: 130

Falcon (North Carolina) 18,76 mi from point 19
Population: 328 Altitude: 150

Fayetteville (North Carolina) 17,55 mi from point 20
Population: 121.015 Altitude: 240

Godwin (North Carolina) 32,43 mi from point 21
Population: 112 Altitude: 155

Magnolia (North Carolina) 34,71 mi from point 22
Population: 932 Altitude: 139

Rose Hill (North Carolina) 30,45 mi from point 23
Population: 1.330 Altitude: 94

Teachey (North Carolina) 25,32 mi from point 24
Population: 245 Altitude: 69

Warsaw (North Carolina) 25,22 mi from point 25
Population: 3.051 Altitude: 160

Cedar Creek (North Carolina) 25,43 mi from point 26
Population: 664 Altitude: 700

Hope Mills (North Carolina) 25,49 mi from point 27
Population: 11.237 Altitude: 109

What can you see by the way?

Town Square, New Oxford, PA.
Town Square, New Oxford, PA., by Fred Henstridge

50th Annual Antiques Market and Craft Show
50th Annual Antiques Market and Craft Show, by William Bisset

Center Square - Fountain, Park Hotel in veiw
Center Square - Fountain, Park Hotel in veiw, by William Bisset

Local Post office, 2008
Local Post office, 2008, by William Bisset

Home In New Oxford-Lincoln Highway-PA
Home In New Oxford-Lincoln Highway-PA, by gehrig1

Beltway Snowstorm
Beltway Snowstorm, by jcoode

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Road map from abbottstown pennsylvania to delco north carolina

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