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Road Trip

476 mi (estimated 9 hours 35 mins)
  • 1.Head northwest on N Wayside Dr toward N Morley Ave82 ft31.3403,-110.934385
  • 2.Turn left onto N Morley Ave0.6 mi31.340483,-110.934533
  • 3.Turn right onto W Park St236 ft31.333769,-110.940862
  • 4.Turn left at the 1st cross street onto N Grand Ave
    Entering Mexico
    0.1 mi31.334161,-110.941462
  • 5.Continue onto Heroica de Nogales - Imuris/Imuris - Heroica de Nogales/Plutarco Elías Calles/México 15 S
    Continue to follow Heroica de Nogales - Imuris/México 15 S
    5.8 mi31.332823,-110.942823
  • 6.Keep left to continue on Heroica de Nogales - Imuris/Imuris - Heroica de Nogales/Av Álvaro Obregón/México 15 S
    Continue to follow México 15 S
    45.9 mi31.256476,-110.954208
  • 7.Continue onto Imuris - Magdalena de Kino/México 15D
    Partial toll road
    7.4 mi30.667614,-110.915366
  • 8.Take the Carr. Federal 15 exit0.2 mi30.620328,-110.993647
  • 9.Merge onto Magdalena de Kino - Sta Anna/México 15 S
    Continue to follow México 15 S
    Partial toll road
    113 mi30.618723,-110.995389
  • 10.Turn left onto Guaymas - Hermosillo/Hermosillo - Guaymas/Periférico Oriente/México 15
    Continue to follow Periférico Oriente/México 15
    1.4 mi29.097481,-110.930912
  • 11.Turn right to stay on Periférico Oriente/México 150.5 mi29.081423,-110.924171
  • 12.Turn right onto Bv. Francisco Serna2.0 mi29.074138,-110.923582
  • 13.Slight right onto the ramp to Guaymas377 ft29.0699,-110.956088
  • 14.Merge onto Blvd. Agustín de Vildósola/Hermosillo - Guaymas2.0 mi29.070068,-110.955486
  • 15.Keep left to stay on Blvd. Agustín de Vildósola/Hermosillo - Guaymas
    Continue to follow Hermosillo - Guaymas
    72.0 mi29.04157,-110.957902
  • 16.Slight left onto Hermosillo - Guaymas/Lib. Guaymas/México 15D (signs for Cd. Obregón)
    Partial toll road
    13.6 mi28.040612,-110.939277
  • 17.Continue onto Guaymas - Cd Obregón/México 15 S66.6 mi27.951322,-110.745645
  • 18.Continue straight onto Calle Jalisco/Calle Sinaloa/Guaymas - Cd Obregón/Miguel Alemán/México 15 S0.1 mi27.514229,-109.928258
  • 19.Turn left onto Calle Jalisco2.1 mi27.512823,-109.929211
  • 20.Turn left onto Cd Obregón - Navojoa/Internacional/México 15 S
    Continue to follow México 15 S
    Partial toll road
    140 mi27.481893,-109.929215
  • 21.Turn right onto Av. Santos Degollado2.6 mi25.823005,-108.965508
  • 22.Turn left onto Venustiano Carranza
    Destination will be on the left
    0.1 mi25.791345,-108.987697
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From Nogales, Az, Usa to Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
N Wayside Dr 478 mi, tiempo estimado 8 hours 59 mins(161 querys)

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Driving distance to Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico from Nogales, Az 85621, Usa 476 mi, estimated 9 hours 35 mins. Road map

Highway route generated between Nogales, Az 85621, Usa and Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico.

The distance between these two cities is 476 mi, estimated 9 hours 35 mins.

Under the road map we have generated, you will see the safety cameras that you'll encounter on your journey, we must note that although we update our database daily, it is possible that a radar is installed speed control close Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico not yet show.

On the right you can see the path step by step from Nogales, Az 85621, Usa to Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, also show you pictures of your trip.

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Road map between Nogales, Az 85621, Usa and Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico

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Towns between Nogales, Az 85621, Usa and Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico (less than 20 mi)

Green Valley (Arizona) 23,83 mi from point 1
Population: 17.283 Altitude: 2900

Sells (Arizona) 23,84 mi from point 2
Population: 2.799 Altitude: 2390

Avra Valley (Arizona) 46,16 mi from point 3
Population: 5.038 Altitude: 2205

Marana (Arizona) 46,13 mi from point 4
Population: 13.556 Altitude: 0

Picture Rocks (Arizona) 46,22 mi from point 5
Population: 8.139 Altitude: 2079

Three Points (Arizona) 51,44 mi from point 6
Population: 5.273 Altitude: 2339

Benson (Arizona) 58,96 mi from point 7
Population: 4.711 Altitude: 3585

Huachuca City (Arizona) 64,53 mi from point 8
Population: 1.751 Altitude: 4400

Sierra Vista (Arizona) 64,67 mi from point 9
Population: 37.775 Altitude: 4635

St. David (Arizona) 142,75 mi from point 10
Population: 1.744 Altitude: 3691

Tombstone (Arizona) 143,62 mi from point 11
Population: 1.504 Altitude: 4560

Nogales (Arizona) 144,07 mi from point 12
Population: 20.878 Altitude: 3850

Patagonia (Arizona) 145,09 mi from point 13
Population: 881 Altitude: 4057

Rio Rico (Arizona) 145,07 mi from point 14
Population: 1.407 Altitude: 3500

Rodeo (New Mexico) 178,95 mi from point 15
Population: 3.379 Altitude: 4128

Bisbee (Arizona) 235,36 mi from point 16
Population: 6.090 Altitude: 5520

Douglas (Arizona) 235,34 mi from point 17
Population: 14.312 Altitude: 4004

Pirtleville (Arizona) 247,24 mi from point 18
Population: 1.550 Altitude: 3970

Animas (New Mexico) 267,51 mi from point 19
Population: 3.379 Altitude: 4405

Antelope Wells (New Mexico) 269,44 mi from point 20
Population: 12.822 Altitude: 4662

Cloverdale (New Mexico) 362,45 mi from point 21
Altitude: 0

Playas (New Mexico) 364,83 mi from point 22
Altitude: 0

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Road map from nogales, az 85621, usa to los mochis, sinaloa, mexico

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